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Sexual Health Counsellors’ Association of NSW (SCAN)

The Sexual Health Counsellors’ Association of NSW is comprised of sexual health counsellors working in publically funded sexual health centres across NSW.
Sexual health counselling is a specialist field, which in NSW is provided via counsellors working in a number of professions. The group incorporates social workers, counsellors, psychologists, and clinical psychologists.

Inaugurated in 2016, the group provides support to workers across the state, some of whom work in isolation. It facilitates collaboration between local health districts (LHDs), and provides support to LHDs that do not have capacity for specialist sexual health counselling.

Sitting alongside Social Workers in HIV (SWHIV), the group provides a voice of advocacy for psychosocial issues in sexual health and HIV. It assists with the consistent implementation of the NSW HIV and STI strategies, and provides consultation for the development of resources and initiatives that target psychosocial wellbeing in sexual health.

If you would like to contact the group you can email the current chair: or call on 02 9382 7468.