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Gay Friendly GPs

When it comes to sexual health, lots of gay men like to speak with a supportive doctor who understands the ins and outs of gay sex.

Download a full list of Gay Friendly GPs here.

Getting A Sexual Health Check at Your GP

Gay Friendly GP List

Can I get a sexual health check at my general practitioner (GP)?

Any GP can perform a sexual health check. You can ask for one during any GP visit.

What if I feel uncomfortable asking my GP for a sexual health check?

Asking your GP for a sexual health check can be difficult, especially if they don’t know you are gay or bisexual. If so, you can:

  • Visit a different GP just for your sexual health tests. You can find a list of gay-friendly GPs here.
  • Visit your GP for a different reason, and then bring up sexual health testing at the end.
  • Print this letter and give it to your GP. The letter asks your GP to do all the tests recommended in the latest guidelines.

How often should I get tested?

The guidelines recommend you should get tested at least once a year if you have had any type of sex with another man in the previous year.

You should get tested up to four times a year if you have had:

  • Any unprotected anal sex
  • More than 10 sexual partners in six months
  • Participated in group sex
  • Used recreational drugs during sex
  • Are HIV-positive