NSW STIPU Working Groups

NSW STIPU Projects are managed by the following working groups:

General Practice Working Group

This Working Group has been established to inform and support the development and implementation of project activities working with General Practice (including general practitioners and primary health care nurses). The objectives of the General Practice and Sexual Health Program are to:

  • Support evidence based sexual health service provision by ensuring access to tailored education and training.
  • Support sexual health service provision ensuring access to current evidence-based information and education resources.
  • Improve communication of Local Health District and Primary Health Network referral pathways and options.
  • Create the evidence for enhanced sexual health service provision in the general practice setting through collaborative research projects.

Contact: Philip.Tayler@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU

Health Promotion Resource Working Group

This Working Group informs and guide the development and implementation of sexual health promotion and social marketing strategies by STIPU and the NSW Health sexual health workforce. The Working group will provide advice and guidance on a program of work that has a key focus on young people, including the Live Nation Partnership and Youth Week Partnership. Both of these projects utilise the Play Safe website which contains a range of innovative strategies to engage the target audience.

Contact: Gemma.Hearnshaw@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU

Multidimensional Program Focused on Young People Advisory Group

During 2014 a NSW Sexual Health Promotion Framework was developed to support the delivery of an integrated population-based prevention program that aims to increase consistent condom use, and to increase STI/HIV testing and treatment among young people. The Framework was developed to reduce duplication across the sector; strengthen cross sector collaboration; enable robust evaluation and monitoring of program outcomes; and support local health districts to achieve health outcomes. The Advisory Group is a forum to provide leadership and strategic direction for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Multidimensional program focussed on young people. This includes four projects – youth services, health services, peer support and condom access projects.

Contact: Fiona.Robards@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU

Senior Sexual Health Nurses Technical Group

The Senior Sexual Health Nurses Technical Group provides a forum for Senior Sexual Health nursing employed within Public Facilities to discuss, share and develop state wide resources, projects and activities to enhance Publicly Funded Sexual Health Services. The group provides oversight of the NSW Standard Operating Procedures manual and are responsible for its systematic review, revision and update. The group provides technical support in the review and/or development of NSW Sexual Health Nursing Education as required. The group meets quarterly and has a nominated Chair. NSW STI Programs Unit provides secretariat support.

Contact: Leanne.Burton@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU

NSW Publicaly Funded Sexual Health Services Medical Director Committee

Medical Directors of Publicly Funded Sexual Health Services within NSW meet quarterly to review clinical data, discuss improvement and innovation around service delivery and discuss clinical issues. The committee meetings also create a networking opportunity and provide time for Directors to showcase their service’s successes. This committee has a nominated chair. NSW STI Programs Unit provides secretariat support.

Contact: Leanne.Burton@SESIAHS.HEALTH.NSW.GOV.AU