Unit Activities

The current focus of the STI Program Unit is:

  • to assist publicly funded sexual health services to orientate service delivery toward priority populations;
  • to strengthen the capacity of general practitioners to manage STIs within the primary care setting; and,
  • to promote community awareness through statewide STI social marketing and information campaigns.

Accordingly, the Unit oversees the following programs:

1. General Practice Program

Supporting GPs to manage STIs within their practice by:

  • Improving access to STI information, training and resources
  • Strengthening links to sexual health services

2. Publically Funded Sexual Health Services Program

Supporting publicly funded sexual health services to target priority populations and complex STI cases by:

  • Improving access through innovation
  • Encouraging partnerships with general practice
  • Enhancing contact tracing measures through information and education resources for clinicians and patients

3. NSW STI/HIV Health Promotion Resource Program

Increasing community awareness of STI/HIVs by:

  • Targeted awareness initiatives including music festivals
  • Building on past successful NSW World AIDS Campaign
  • Exploring opportunities to enhance the reach and impact of STI social marketing in NSW.

4. HIV Clincial Nurse Consultant Program

  • Supporting the implementation of NSW Health’s Ending HIV campaigns and HIV testing week.
  • Supporting the development of key parts of the NSW HIV Support Program.
  • Supporting the NSW PrEP implementation project.
  • Lead partnerships with primary care, GPs and publicly funded sexual health services to increase HIV testing among non s100 GPs.
  • Educate and communicate with the mental health and drug and alcohol sector, antenatal services, ED departments and TB services around testing for HIV and the appropriate management of clients at risk for HIV.

5. Communications

  • Coordinating the development of the NSW Sexual Health Infolink.
  • Managing the content for the NSW Play Safe website.
  • Providing secretariat support for the Directors of NSW Sexual Health Services.
  • Providing STI information about research, initiatives and key events to the sectors through STIPU Newsletter.